The Salvation Army in Visby

The Salvation Army in Visby is a small but vital part of the worldwide family of believers: God's people on the Earth.

We are a varied assortment of people of different ages, with different backgrounds and from different cultures. We are accustomed to people coming and going, so our fellowship is in constant flux.

Jesus Christ is at the very heart of our fellowship. Only the love of God is able to keep us together. Our message has its basis in the Bible. Our service has its source in love from God.

Our mission is to preach the glad tidings of Jesus Christ, and without distinction meet human needs in his name.

We aim to be a place for growth and provide opportunities for dreams, vision and development.

It is our belief and experience that God can lift up and heal people. Prayer has a big part to play in this - it is the way that we work together with God. Through The Potter's House we wish to provide practical help, support and care.

We invite you to our worship and to the Sunday club (for children) on Sundays, and we have weekday gatherings in Homegroups.

Three times a day (8.30 hours, 12 and 17) there are times of prayer, for those who want to and are able, in our prayer room.

For more information, please visit our website