The island of Gotland

Gotland is the biggest island of the Baltic sea, situated roughly 60 miles off the coast of southern mainland Sweden. 57 300 people live year round on the island, a number that changes dramatically during the summer as Gotland is one of Sweden’s most popular summer destinations. Beautiful beaches, rich history and a welcoming climate (Gotland is usually one of the sunniest places in Sweden) contribute to the island’s popularity. Visby, with 24 000 habitants, was one of the biggest and most important trading towns of the Baltic region in medieval times. Visby has the most well preserved medieval curtain wall of all of northern Europe, and the narrow alleys in the old town are lined with buildings and church ruins that call to mind Visby’s age of greatness in the 13th century. The Hanseatic town of Visby is a World Heritage since 1995.

When our part of the world got to know about the Gospel nearly a thousand years ago, Gotland became a stronghold for mission in the countries situated by the Baltic sea. We believe that God is calling dedicated people and encouraging them to follow in the foot steps of the pioneers in order to re-evangelize Europe. We also believe that God wants to use Gotland yet again as a base for missionary work in the twenty-first century.

To travel to Gotland does not take a long time. Only 3 hours by boat or 35 minutes by air. Destination Gotlands ferries depart daily from Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn on the Swedish mainland to Visby, and if you chose to fly here we can recommend Gotlandsflyg which depart from Bromma and Skavsta airports.

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Do not hesitate to visit Saved2Save and the Salvation Army if you happen to be in Visby!