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Saved 2 Save´s blogg har inte en författare utan många.

Vår förhoppning är att du som är nyfiken på skolan ska få glimtar av vardagen på skolan genom elever, personal och gästande föreläsare som skriver här nu och då.

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Trevlig läsning!

Some pictures

We have such a variety of activities in S2S! Enjoy of some of the pictures capturing those memories that will stay in our minds for a long time. – Felipe Kjell and Anki hurrying up to change the image so we don’t get confused about the relationship between turtles and salvation Our first Saturday together, […]

Communitarian service

Not that we actually broke the law and were punished with it. No, the idea popped up, S2S students agreed on it and, before we were aware of it, the day arrived. Provided with trash pickers and big black plastic bags, out we went on our cleaning adventure. We didn’t need to wait to get […]

World Youth Convention, Stockholm. part one

So. Saved 2 Save training school is finished for this year. But a new school is starting in january 2011, and now we have gone to Stockholm to the Salvation Army´s World Youth Convention to tell the whole world* about S2S. (*maybe not the entire whole world, but at least the over 1000 delegates from […]

Gerd’s Final Thoughts

Hi! This is my first and last blog post 🙂 I chose to be a part of S2S because my heart was crying for something that I felt no other course could give… I wanted Quality time with God and I wanted to burn with passion for His purposes. I recomend anyone who wants the […]

Emelie’s Impression’s

Nu har jag lämnat Visby för ett tag och tagit farväl av de sista vännerna som jag träffat dagligen de senaste fem månaderna. Det kommer att kännas tomt efter alla nya vänner och jag saknar redan den gemensamma morgonbönen, undervisningen, gemenskapen och lovsången. Under tiden på Saved 2 save har jag definitivt lärt känna mig […]

Reflections from Owen

Saved2save school is now over for me. Everyone is looking forward to the future and what way forward and how life is going to be out there. Sadly others have packed there bags and left already. I sit here alone and recall the wonderful memories that i have experienced in the last 5 months or […]

The Beginning

Well classes are over and people are going their separate ways. It is sad to be leaving Visby and all the friends we have made here. We will miss the house and the town and the stimulating discussions and lectures, but it feels like this is really the beginning rather than the end, if you’ll […]


This week we have had 3 excellent people teaching us about church. What it is, what it can be and what it’s meant to be. Victor and Adam Paulsson are passionate about the idea of house churches. They spoke about the concept from a Biblical point of view and focussed on the fact that the […]

Fun on Fårö

Only about three weeks more to go before the end of the course and thought about it brings a sense of sadness within my heart. Somehow I find myself wishing that course was much longer and that people stay here together. Anyways the purpose of the course is not to have a bunch of saved […]

Jesus Junk!

Because we have started the ”2save” part of the course, the students all have to think of, organise and participate in some kind of service or outreach activity. We have come up with some good ideas and the one that I am involved in is picking up rubbish around the city walls. Since the snow […]