Staff and Subjects

The S2S teaching faculty includes local teacher as well as visiting leaders. They represent a 
broad range of Christian traditions and denomination and organizational affiliation.


•  Kjell & Anki Karlsten •  Stefan Gustafsson
•  Peter Woode •  Viktor Paulsson
•  Miriam Oskarsdottir •  Cornell Voeller
•  Torbjörn Freij •  Marina Bratterud
•  Mona Stockman •  Lena & Leif Bergström
•  Daniel Wiklund •  Marita Funcke
•  Jack Cody •  Marie Willermark
•  Janet Munn  

Directors: Kjell and Ann-Christine Karlsten (Officers in The Salvation Army).
Administrator: Peter Woode
Assistant: Miriam Óskarsdóttir


The following subjects in the Saved2Save Training School are required for all students.

Common subjects under the heading ”SAVED”:

• View of man • World view
• Self image and self-esteem;
⋅ My true identity
⋅ Restored original image

• Image of God;
⋅ The character of God
⋅ The Father heart of God
⋅ Communicating with God
⋅ The word of God
• Character development and holiness • Giving and receving forgiveness

• Discover your gifts

• Becoming clear about your goals, your hopes and your vision

Common subjects under the heading TO SAVE”:

• Meeting the needs of the vulnerable people • Councelling and care
• Leadership • Finding the right spritual path
• Methods of communication • Spiritual discernment
• Communication • Corps/chruch planting and development
• Cross cultural service