S2S Football For All


S2S FOOTBALL FOR ALL is a way to work with young people through the principles and practices of FFA. S2S provides thorough training in the concepts of FFA. You will be trained in leadership, coaching, mentoring, leadership of “Life Class” small groups and support programs for vulnerable young people and their families.

‘Football for All’ (FFA) uses sport to reach young people in vulnerable situations. FFA programs provide challenge and motivation for participants, as well as coaching experience in four core areas: Athletic; Academic; Social; Spiritual. The aim is to come alongside young people who are socially excluded and in potentially destructive environments and help them to reach their full potential. Link: http://www.ffaglobal.org/

FFA is convinced that every young person is unique and that there is a positive and hopeful way forward for everybody. We believe God will provide opportunities for everybody to have a new start in life. The S2S course gives you a basic understanding 
of the Christian faith and the values that FFA is based on. You will gain tools to work with vulnerable young people and training in mentoring. S2S also provides management and leadership training, as well as teaching in the tools and methods of FFA. This course includes an "in safe hands" education and training, a nationally approved certification in ethical guidelines for working with young people.