Previous students tell their story

Iana Tsvirkin from Ukraine, 19 years old:

I have started to view my life from a new perspective; in the light of God's love and not in the light of personal achievements. I have been given answers to many questions and feel that the course is important for my future life as a Christian. The things which have meant the most to me are the teaching about the gifts of God and the teaching about our personal rehabilitation.


Helen Nyrot from Gotland, 47 years old:

S2S has meant everything to my future life with Christ and the work God has called me to do.


Arvid Björkqvist from Gotland, 21 years old:

I felt that God called me to start a congregation, but I was not sure of how to do it, how to make it happen. S2S has helped me a lot when it comes to that. My belief in Christ has become stronger and I feel better equipped to start congregation planting work. I recommend the course to any one who feel they need a new beginning in their life with God.


Manuel Kanacher from Germany, 29 years old:

I’m a big fan of the S2S training school and the vision of the school, and I am convinced, that church planting is very necessary. The courses were brilliant. It was a great experience, a lot of healing and restoration, lots of new thoughts and super teaching. Very motivating.