Janet Munn

(Colonel) Centre for Spiritual Life Development, Australia

Saved2Save is a great opportunity for people who are eager to grow deeper in Christ, in prayer, in community, in vision and in discipleship.  You will meet like-minded people from around the world, help to establish the House of Prayer (Isaiah 56:7) on the island of Gotland, Sweden, and to become a restorer of ancient ruins (Isaiah 58:12). Your own spiritual foundation will be built and strengthened through the time at S2S.  You'll never be the same!

Marie Willermark

(Commissioner) Territorial commander, Sweden/Lativa

I have seen young christian persons returning to their corps from Saved2Save as well-aware disciples. S2S has given them a relationship with God which has equipped them to take on a long term christian leadership.

Danielle Strickland

(Major) Canada

Saved to Save is a hot house of spiritual lava that promises to ignite your passion for God's Kingdom come in and through you! Be prepared to lose your life and gain the Kingdom... following Jesus is not for the fainthearted. The spiritual energy that the founders and leaders of Saved to Save embody is catchy and being in close proximity to their leadership with infect you with holy passion to win the whole world for Jesus. I wholeheartedly, and enthusiastically recommend this training school to equip and mobilise you for world conquest. If I were younger and able - I'd join myself!

Stephen Court

(Major) Canada

Since I met the Karlstens at Vancouver's Booth-Tucker Institute years ago I've been challenged and inspired by their zeal, imagination, vision, and emphasis on full salvation, extraordinary prayer, and continental house church multiplication. SAVED TO SAVE is a wonderful opportunity to soak from these leaders and catch some of their DNA.

Vic Poke

(Commissioner) Australia

The S2S concept is grounded in the reality of equipping disciples for real-life service, and the depth and breadth of the experience has already changed and challenged lives.  This is a place for meeting equally committed people and for listening to the Lord in an environment of trust, learning, worship and service.  Do it if you can!